Foam block, cut offs and resin - all Polyola Eco Materials to shape the future of sustainable surfing

Eco Foam Polyurethane (PU) Blanks. Polyurethane, the most beloved core for surfboards – reimagined. Made from 2/3 recycled post industrial waste. Designed to shred.

Wet-Layup / Hand Lamination Resin made from 70% renewable content (biomass). Styrene free option will be available.

We develop and supply the surfboard industry with materials that have less impact on the environment and maximum performance!

 Shaping the future of sustainable surfing together.

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For surfboard manufacturers

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Developing cutting edge materials for surfboard manufacturing, while minimizing the impact.


Together, we share a common vision.

“We need to change the way people see and consume surfboards. Even high performance surfboards don‘t have to be all white. Knowing that the foam is 100 % recyclable and pushes circular economy makes it the right choice for me.”

Surfer (Miguel Blanco) standing in front of his Polyola Surfboard Quiver

Miguel Blanco

“What I like most about my boards made from Polyola is the reactivity and balanced stiffness. They just feel right under my feet! Simply put, the boards give me the fascination I‘m looking for: they are performant and sustainable.”

Vincent Duvignac

“I don‘t want to worry about my boards breaking while surfing, so I always prefer to put extra glass on them, even if they get a little heavier. With the Polyola blanks, I no longer have this problem because the foam is so much stronger – no need of overglassing. So in my case, they perform better than regular PU blanks.”

Boris Roman


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