Finding inspiration in surfing’s rich history and pairing it with cutting edge material innovations, we develop and supply the surfboard industry with materials that have less impact on the environment and maximize performance!


Shaping the future of sustainable surfing.

How we work.

As surfers we have a direct connection to the ocean and can feel the impact of plastic pollution and climate change daily. The standard materials used in surfboard manufacturing paradoxically contribute to this.

Since the 1950s, when the first pioneers in California began experimenting with polyurethane foam, polyester resins and fiberglass, these materials have been the preferred choice of shapers and surfers for their surfboard. They are easy to work with and create a unique feeling when riding a wave.

However these materials are highly toxic (VOCs) ,non-recyclable and derived from virgin petrochemical sources that not only cause destruction to the environment but also pose a big environmental problem at the end of their life.

As surfers, we want to pursue this unique feeling, but in a more sustainable and conscious way.

Foam cut offs and resin

This awareness and passion turned a simple idea into the vision for our initial two products: the first ever recycled and recyclable polyurethane foam and the world’s first plant based polyester resin for surfboard manufacturing.

Founded in 2020, we are far from perfect and just getting started.

We are beyond grateful to be working with a network of industry partners and scientists to continuously innovate and reduce the environmental impact and maximize performance of our composite materials and are looking forward towards the journey ahead.

PS: Today, you will already find them in the most innovative surfboards but if you have an idea for another application we are curious to hear from you!

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