We strive to reduce the need for frequent replacement and reduce the
overall amount of waste and carbon footprint of the surf industry.


What sustainability means to us.

At Polyola, sustainability is not just a buzzword or a marketing tool but has been the thought for inception and a guideline towards building the company and creating the materials from the start. 

Sustainability to us is a constant work of progress, it is not a finished state where we have already arrived or where we will arrive but it is the north star that guides us to continuously innovate to minimize our impact, maximize the performance of our products and above all have fun and enjoy it along the way!

We understand that in order to create a better future, we must take responsibility for the impact our business has on the environment, society, and the economyThat’s why we are  working towards a world where resources are used responsibly, communities thrive, and businesses prosper without compromising the needs and opportunities of future generations. 

In this context, it is important that we consider the three dimensions of sustainability – economically efficient, socially just, and ecologically compatible – on an equal footing. 


The three P’s that guide our every move.


We prioritize quality, resource-efficiency and innovation in our composite materials that reduce the environmental impact of surfboards and maximize their performance thereby  striving for progress and growth in a local, sustainable way. The longevity, resilience and end-of-life solution of the materials we develop take highest priority and are integral to the economic model. We believe a sustainable business model in the 21 century needs to take the whole life cycle into account to create a truly economically and environmentally sustainable future.


We emphasize sustainability, resource conservation, and local engagement and are committed to address and tackle plastic pollution and climate change through the materials we develop and business model we create. From raw material extraction to end of life solution we strive to reduce waste, minimize the environmental impact at all stages and are continuously innovating to optimize the supply chain, the product life cycle and energy efficiency.


We value honesty, transparency and collaboration in our partnerships and are committed to supporting the surf culture in a respectful and responsible way. Through our inclusive approach to R&D, our recycling service and the focus on locally sourced and manufactured products we strive to expand the industry and be part of and lead the transition towards a new, circular surf economy.


We are third party certified and more than aligned with the industry standards. 



We have been working with @sustainsurf to certify our products and processes, and we are stoked to be part of the ecoboard project. As an independent third party, they have full access to all of polyola’s internal information.

With them, we continue to do our due diligence in terms of tracability, provability and are therefore working on a full blown LCA with them, which will be published as soon as we finish.


Nothing official yet but there will be more.