Miguel Blanco – The Passenger

This edit tells the story of the surfer and environmental activist Miguel Blanco from Ericeira, Portugal.

Shot at home during winter, this edit reveals some thoughts of Miguel about his relationship with the ocean. From big barrels in Ericeira going all the way up North scoring some of the best jewls on the west coast of Portugal and ending at one of the biggest swells of the season in Nazaré. “Portugal is home. So many waves. Some very scary, others very dreamy. All of them have their own magic tough”.

Filmed by: Hugo Almeida, Ian Tavares e Gastão Entrudo. Edited by: Christian Baba & Miguel Blanco
Additional filming by: Tomás Bello, Pedro Crossas, Rodrigo Dray, Ericeira Raw Surf, Joseph Azuma, Manuel Clauville, Nuno Dias, Tommaso Geraci and Laurent Pujol.
Cover: Paulo Damien JR Photo: Pablo Koury
Supported by: Rip Curl & Polyola

Surfer (Miguel Blanco) standing in front of his Polyola Surfboard Quiver
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