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8 NGOs for Ocean Protection every Surfer needs to know

Check out the following list to discover NGOs for Ocean Protection

When it comes to surfing and ocean conservation, the following eight NGOs for Ocean Protection are critical and every surfer should know about them. These organizations play a significant role in protecting our oceans and promoting sustainable surfing practices. Let’s dive into the list:

  1. Surfrider Foundation: As a global environmental organization, Surfrider Foundation focuses on safeguarding oceans, waves, and beaches. Their work encompasses vital issues like water quality, coastal preservation, plastic pollution, and beach access.
  2. Save The Waves Coalition: Save The Waves strives to protect and preserve surf spots and coastal environments worldwide. They collaborate with local communities, governments, and scientists to identify and defend threatened surf breaks.
  3. Sustainable Surf: Sustainable Surf promotes sustainability within the surf industry by advocating for environmentally friendly materials and practices. Their renowned program, the ECOBOARD Project, certifies surfboards made with sustainable materials.
  4. Surfers Against Sewage: A UK-based organization, Surfers Against Sewage actively tackles marine litter, sewage pollution, and climate change. They engage surfers and coastal communities in impactful environmental activism.
  5. Surfers for Climate: a global movement of surfers and ocean enthusiasts advocating for environmental action and raising awareness about the impacts of climate change on coastal communities and marine ecosystems.
  6. Ocean Conservancy: Ocean Conservancy is a leading organization committed to ocean conservation. They tackle pressing issues like marine pollution, sustainable fisheries, and ocean acidification. Their initiatives focus on protecting ocean ecosystems and promoting sustainable practices.
  7. 5 Gyres Institute: The 5 Gyres Institute addresses the urgent problem of plastic pollution in the oceans. They conduct research, raise awareness, and advocate for policies that combat plastic waste. Their work emphasizes the impact of microplastics and encourages innovative solutions.
  8. Coral Reef Alliance: The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is dedicated to preserving coral reefs globally. Through collaboration with local communities, they develop sustainable practices, educate about the importance of coral reefs, and support marine conservation efforts.

By becoming familiar with these influential non-governmental organizations, surfers can actively contribute to the conservation and longevity of the marine environment they cherish.


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