Our range of surfboard blanks. From 6'2 ft to 9'9 ft

Revolutionize Surfboard Manufacturing with Sustainable Surfboard Blanks

In the ever-evolving world of surfing, sustainability is becoming a top priority. Discover how Polyola is leading the way with eco-friendly surfboard blanks, merging the thrill of surfing with the ethos of environmental stewardship. It’s not just about catching waves anymore; it’s about riding the wave of change towards a more sustainable future.

Polyola stands at the forefront of a revolution in the surf industry. As pioneers in sustainable material innovation, we’re flipping the script on surfboard manufacturing with our groundbreaking polyurethane surfboard blanks based on 2/3 recycled content. Derived from recycled materials, these blanks not only reduce environmental impact but also deliver exceptional performance. 

Polyola’s surfboard blanks are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of professional surfboard manufacturers while championing environmental stewardship. By utilizing recycled content, they minimize waste and contribute to a cleaner, greener surfing industry.

Manufacturers can rely on Polyola’s surfboard blanks to create high-quality boards without compromising on performance or durability. Whether shaping shortboards, longboards, or custom designs, Polyola’s blanks provide a versatile and sustainable foundation for crafting exceptional surfboards.

Different densities

And because we understand the diverse needs of shapers and surfers alike, we offer our surfboard blanks in two distinct densities: blue for standard density and red for light density. The latter is specially designed for high-performance surfboards, catering to those who demand agility and speed without sacrificing the planet.

our surfboard blanks densities: standard and light

Distribution partner Viral Surf

We are stoked to work with our partner Viral Surf together, your go-to European distributor for everything surfboard shaping. At Viral Surf, shapers can find not only our range of  surfboard blanks but also all the essentials needed to craft the perfect board. It’s a one-stop-shop for the modern shaper who values both quality and the environment.

Further developments

Moreover, Polyola’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond surfboard blanks. The company develops a range of sustainable materials tailored for the surf industry, including bio-based polyester resin for lamination, further reducing the ecological footprint of surfboard manufacturing.

The surf industry is at a tipping point, and Polyola is leading the charge towards a sustainable future. With innovative surfboard blanks that blend high performance with environmental responsibility, we’re not just making waves; we’re changing the coursesurfing. Join us as we ride the wave of sustainability, crafting surfboards that respect our oceans as much as they rip through them. With Polyola, the future of surfing looks not only thrilling but also green. Let’s shape this future together, one surfboard at a time.

colored surfboard blanks. Olive, grey and blue

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